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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  February 5, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EST

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bob woodruff abc news new york. >> all the taliban did was create a hero. >> simply remarkable. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, the baltimore ravens are in for another busy day. the city celebrating with a big parade. >> a little less than an inch. >> don't be surprised if you see more salt on the ground ben snow today -- than snow. many people wondering about that. i am scott thuman. >> i am cynne simpson.
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we will get to storm march coverage with jacqui jeras. where is the snow? >> it already moved through here. it went through hagerstown and martinsburg and they got a good testing. one or two inches in the panhandle of west virginia. the system fizzled around a d.c., so we came up with a lot of nothing. weak clippers sometimes fizzle as they move over the mountains. we do have another one waiting in the wings, so we expect another light snow showers or riflery's late tonight. most of that will stay to our north this time around. -- light snow showers or snow flurries. it is 37 degrees at reagan national, 29 in dallas, 312 in winchester. cloudy this morning, but temperatures will make it into the 40's.
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even warmer in the seven-day forecast. those details in a few minutes. let's talk about the roads jamee. >> as we get started on this tuesday morning, it's quiet in the traffic center. 395 overnight roadwork, leaving the beltway, to and across the 14th street bridge lanes are open in each direction. looks like the road work has been wrapped up around edsall road. the beltway near route 7 in virginia construction has finished. lanes are open. back to you. >> thank you. we start with a developing story out of the district. authorities need your help trying to find a missing child. >> police say that 6-year-old eriona was last seen last thursday night in the 2000 block of east st. northeast. investigators believe she maybe
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with a non-custodial parent and that they may have left the scene anyone with information is asked to call police. >> takoma park police need your help trying to find this 12- year-old. he was last seen monday naipaul. officers have not released any details. if you see him, contact police. d.c. mayor vincent gray delivering his state of the district address tonight. he will report on the status of the city and his administration while outlining his agenda for the coming year. you can watch the speech on news channel 8 beginning at 7:00 p.m. >> expectancy a sea of purple in the streets of baltimore this morning because the city is holding a parade for the superbowl champion ravens. >> it has been an exhausting few days for the team. sports director tim brant has a preview crack. hello, everybody. the entire baltimore organization has been so accommodating to us all week in
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new orleans and again last night when they arrived home. from the owner to the coach to the players, incredible access. pat-down after 5:00 yesterday afternoon. although you could tell the ravens or tired, there were all smiling. they drove directly to the team's facility in the owings mills, pulled in at 6:15. the magical trip to the super bowl journey was coming to an end. we asked terrell suggs if everything had sunk in yet. >> i don't pick there's a way to describe it. i thought i could imagine what it would be like. it just does not describe it. it's amazing. we brought it home for our city. >> the ravens have to be back at the facility very early this morning. are out there around 9:00 -- they will be there around 9:00. at 12:30 this afternoon the free
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celebration begins at the stadium, after the parade. have a great day. >> investigation continues into what caused the blackout at the superbowl. public records show the superdome officials were worried about an outage several months before the big game. in october memo by the company which oversees the superdome tests on the electrical system showed they had some decay and to some failure. the blackout at the pebble stepparen -- that struck candlestick part was a reason for ordering the test. they spent more than $600,000 to upgrade the electric. cable systems in the superdome in new orleans. >> power outages did not keep the game from having huge ratings. 109 million viewers watched. it was the third most watched super bowl of all time and the third most watched event in tv
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history. baltimore was the highest-rated tv market. followed by new orleans and then washington, d.c. >> twitter also recorded record numbers. more than 24 million posts. that beat the no. 9 during last year's presidential election. stay with abc 7 and for complete coverage of the ravens celebration. in the next hour, john gonzalez will join us from baltimore with a preview of that parade and news channel 8 will have live coverage of the parade when it starts before 11:00. >> the agriculture department is warning fewer beef plants could be expected. >> to tell us that story and what wall street is expecting let's go to linda bell in new york.
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hello. the standard and poor's is being sued by the justice department over claims inflated the mortgage bond rankings that helped trigger the financial crisis. prosecutors may file lawsuits this week. in response, the s&p says the lawsuit would be entirely without legal. more factual legal and president obama's budget, a defense official tells us the president will probably delay the budget plan until sometime in march. the obama administration has been signaling the a blueprint would miss the deadline because the debate in washington over taxes, spending, and the deficit. it was supposed to be delivered to lawmakers yesterday. if you are worried about food safety the agriculture secretary tom vilsack says we need to cut back on a number of inspections on meatpacking plants unless congress can avoid the across-the-board spending cuts that take effect in march. he says the agriculture
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department is studying how to handlewhich could also impact nutritional programs and food safety research. we know we are in a housing recovery, but the d.c. market is on fire. i will have more on that in the next hour. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. we will see you shortly. 4:38 34 degrees at this hour. >> still ahead, a frantic scene in the heart of baltimore. a huge warehouse fire
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>> welcome back. 4:41 right now. beautiful. the washington monument. 34 degrees this morning. >> we are above the freezing mark. >> that's where we should be this time of year? >> we are working on it. we will been warming up a lot over the next couple days. some of you are waking up and asking where is thus ne snow? in frostburg, maryland. we did not get anything in d.c. dusting in hagerstown and martinsburg. 37 is the temperature in the
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district. the wind is pretty calm at this hour. temperatures across the region, 28 in gaithersburg, 30 at bwi 32 in frederick, 34 degrees in culpeper. we will see a lot of clouds today. some breaks. 40 degrees by noon, 44 degrees for the drive home. a clippard tonight will not amount to much, maybe just a couple snow flurries. -- clipper. the next time we see anything, it will be rain. things should be ok on the dry roads. >> absolutely. a good time to get going. glad you are with us. interstate 95 in virginia, north out of stafford, dale city, and threw to the beltway, lanes are open and the hov lanes open. 395 southbound near edsall road overnight construction cleared. no delay.
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good morning to our nation's capital. no problems from ddot. back to you. >> thank you. good that the roads are clear. 34 degrees on this tuesday morning. >> it is that time again for ip -- ihop's
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>> welcome back on this tuesday morning. breaking news developing overseas. >> suicide bombing in iraq and another in afghanistan. jummy olabanji has details. >> good morning. in baghdad officials say a suicide bomber ramme of explosives into an army checkpoint. that k least a full fewer people, two soldiers and two civilians. afghanistan, officials say at least three people have been killed in a restaurant bombing in the northern part of the country. the deputy governor of the province says that 10 other people have been wounded. no one has claimed responsibility for either attack. officials believe it could be the work of the taliban. back to you. >> thank you. 4:46. there's a movement today in the debate over guns in america. two democrats and two republicans introducing a bill to crackdown on gun trafficking. the legislationy want to make it a
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federal crime and would impose tougher penalties on people will buy guns legally bought and give them to people are barred from purchasing them. yesterday president obama went to minneapolis pushing his gun control plan. he once again called for ban on military-style assault weapons even though that he and miadmits it'll be tough to push through congress. he says there seems to be more support on mandatory background checks on all gun sales. >> joe biden and his wife will return from overseas today. in france on monday he met with the president of france and they discussed the conflicts in mali, iran, and syria. today he will meet with the british prime minister in london and will attend a meeting of the united kingdom national security council. >> the montgomery county council will vote today on a measure aimed at making county schools safer. it would provide $354,000 to
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accelerate plans to install security systems. in public systems those systems were set up to be completed and the end of next school year. now when the wake of the connecticut school shootings many want the systems installed sooner. >> checking news around the nation,-year-old coloma bo -- 85-year- old alabama boy kept in a bunker for a week is now back with his mother and is ok. negotiations with a suspect jimmy lee dykes deteriorated and he was seen holding a gun. he was killed. if it's not clear how. he kidnapped the little boy last week after he shot and killed a school bus driver. the child's 6th birthday is tomorrow. >> firefighters taken to hospital after raging fire in a baltimore neighborhood that started monday night at a lumber warehouse in the northwest part of the city. firefighters were ordered to leave the building.
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the walls collapsed suddenly. that left five firefighters trapped. there were rescued and taken to the hospital. people who live and work nearby say they were frightened by what they saw. >> we were scared to death. we were so scared when they said drop what you are doing and get out of here now. we are told firefighters suffered only minor injuries. there's no word on what exactly is sparked a fire. >> we are getting an early and look inside the family center at fort belvoir. it is considered the largest center in the organization uso's history. it will support the wounded troops and their families. jummy olabanji will talk to a wounded warrior in the next hour. >> we will soon be able to travel faster along a major highway in our area. >> the maryland transportation authority plans to increase the speed limits on the intercounty connector to 60 miles an hour.
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the new speed limit will take effect by march 31. several maryland lawmakers have introduced bills to raise the speed limit on maryland highways including the icc to 70 miles per hour. today you have a good reason to keep on your diet and indulge in some pancakes. >> it does not take a lot of reasons for me. its national pancake day. from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m., ihop diners can receive a short stack of pancakes. in return, you are asked to make a small donation to the leukemia and lymphoma organization. adam caskey will have more on that. i hope these planning to share some pancakes. >> jacqui jeras? >> i am a purist just butter and pancakessyrup on my pancakes.
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it is also a national weather person's day. let's look at the satellite and radar. the clipper last night, all that energy is offshore. we might see a couple snow flurries at the mason-dixon line this morning. there was just a dusting in hagerstown and martinsburg. there were a couple inches of snow in the panhandle of west virginia. nothing but clouds in d.c.. 31 in arlington. 30 degrees in silver spring and germantown. 29 in sterling and the chantilly. 34 degrees in woodbrige this morning. no complaining about the temperatures, a pretty typical for this time of year. mostly cloudy today, high temperatures in the low to mid 40's. that's not shabby. campus seven-day forecast, looking really good. another clipper tonight. snow flurries more than anything. the best chance of getting a
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dusting will be to the north again. 45 degrees on wednesday. pushing 50 by the weekend. a chance of rain on friday and next monday. jamee, do you love pancakes? >> i do. i love this wesweets. nice and quiet around the region, virginia maryland, beltway planes are open. john hanson highway right there. no problems out of annapolis or bowie. columbia down through to the beltway and rte. 29 at fairland road, not many commuters. always a good time to get going early. georgia avenue down to the beltway looks good. virginia looks good on 95. back to you. >> thank you. it's 34 degrees on this tuesday morning. cracks coming up next, on the heels of her super bowl halftime performance, beyonce announcing a world tour. find out when she will be in the district.
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>> today on "katie" and there is a no-holds-barred interview with actor charlie sheen. , his troubled
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clerics katie couric has landed another exclusive interview. this time it's with the wife of the legendary penn state football coach joe paterno. on monday, sue will talk for the first time since the child sex
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abuse scandal rocked penn state and she lost her husband of 50 years just two months after the scandal was exposed. interviews monday at 4:00 p.m. on abc 7. >> new jersey governor chris christie and david letterman and shared a few laughs about fat jokes that letterman has made. >> look at what chris christie did monday night. >> i have made jokes about you. >> not just one or two. [laughter] >> self-deprecating humor. chris christie says that his weight is often joked about. >> turning out to be a busy year for beyonce. on the heels of her super bowl halftime show, she has announced
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a world tour. it is the mrs. carter show kicking off april 15, going through europe and north america. she will perform at the verizon center in d.c. on july 29. mark your calendar for. >> the producers of the academy awards have a message for viewers. they are trying to cut out the boring parts. they made the comments before monday's luncheon honoring this year's oscar nominees. about 160 nominees attended the annual event. the 85th oscars is on sunday, they're very 24, right here on channel 7. >> looking at 34 degrees. >> still ahead, it appears the ravens have problems with their most prized possession, the new lombardi trophy. we will explain how t
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